Greenville Woman Murdered During Home Invasion

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Jennifer Poore died shortly after being hit over the head with a handgun and then shot.  When the gun fired it sent a bullet into her chest killing her.  A warrant for an arrest was issued for Chevis Jake Morris of Anderson, 23, who confessed to the crime.

Morris was then charged with murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.  That night he had a person with him, Jordan Michaela Hart of Anderson, who has been charged as an accessory.  According to authorities Hart claimed she had no idea that Anderson was going to attack Poore, but did help him after the shooting had already taken place.

Morris and Hart have also been charged with first degree burglary and grand larceny after robbing a home just two miles from where Poore was shot and killed.  They apparently kicked in the door and took electronics from the home.

When police arrived at Poore’s mobile home she was lying in a puddle of her own blood.  She was later flown by helicopter to AnMed Health Center where they pronounced her dead later than evening according to the Anderson County coroner.

Police say the bullet that delivered the fatal blow entered through her left shoulder and moved into her chest.

According to Poore’s live in boyfriend she was with a man and a woman when he arrived home.  They asked for a ride, which caused him to go next door to his father’s home to borrow a truck. When he arrived back at home Poore had been shot and the man and woman were nowhere to be found.

After Poore’s death police released a statement saying that Poore had responded to a prayer request made on FB by Hart saying she would help, “anyway I can.” Hart and Morris are currently being held without bail and no other arrest are expected.

“It is a sad day when a person offers help to someone and ends up paying with their life.  This kind woman didn’t deserve to be found lifeless in a pool of her own blood.  Criminals like the one who took her life need to be held accountable and punished for what they have done,” says Joe Sandefur, managing partner of a top personal injury firm in South Carolina at

 We live in a world where people take advantage of others kindness and the results can often be deadly.  If you or a family member is a victim of a violent crime then you deserve compensation for all your pain, medical bills and suffering.  Don’t try to take all of this own alone.  Call an attorney and let them begin the challenging, difficult legal process of fighting for your rights.  Whether its unexpected medical bills, lost wages or burial expenses, you can receive help.  Nothing will bring back your loved one, but at least an attorney can help hold the right personal accountable and take some of the burden off of you, the victim.

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Firefighter secures six figure sum following career-ending injury

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An ex-firefighter who endured a vocation finishing injury while working at Ilkley Fire Station in West Yorkshire has secured a generous harms settlement. Michael Hollings was genuinely harmed amid a preparation practice in May 2011. He and two associates were joining in a bore that included working at stature when the 13.5metre stepping stool they were utilizing split, making them tumble to the ground. Michael was wearing an ‘extemporized midsection bridle’s which held him to the stepping stool at the time of the mishap. As it fell, the highest point of the step arrived on a strong wall encompassing the preparation territory, leaving Mr. Hollings suspended six inches over the ground. While Mr. Hollings’ partners endured minor wounds, the power of the backlash as the stepping stool affected wavering left him with a comminuted crack, two separated elbows and lower arms. His right foot was likewise broken in the fall and he was left concussed. Mr. Hollings, a firefighter with eight years’ experience, had two operations on his arms which were then altered in mortar and hitherto a metal support for a while.


He was compelled to medicinally resign from his part with the flame administration furthermore from his other employment as a HGV driver – a vocation he had delighted in for more than two decades. Very nearly four years on, Michael keeps on having twice-week after week physiotherapy to enhance the scope of movement in his elbows and his grasp – which he’s told he won’t ever completely recuperate – and is because of see an expert in regards to having a spinal string stimulator fitted to help reduce his continuous torment side effects.

FBU part Mr. Hollings said: “It was an instance of figuring out how to adjust and adapt. My specialists let me know that I’ll never recuperate the full scope of movement in my arms and I’ve needed to put what I call my “manual” life on hold. “In the good old days, that included an extensive restoration process and saying farewell to two occupations that I cherished. Fortunately, my FBU union agent came to converse with me after the mishap and pointed me toward Thompsons Solicitors.” With guidelines from the FBU, Thompsons started a case for pay on Mr. Hollings’ benefit. They found themselves able to secure a between time installment for Michael, which paid for adaptions to his way of life –, for example, the buy of a programmed auto – and access to restoration experts.

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Thompsons went ahead to secure a significant six figure aggregate. “I felt that, between the gigantic bolster I got from my family and companions and the support of my union the FBU and Thompsons, I was in protected hands,” proceeded with Michael. “It’s still not clear what created the step to come up short that day, however I’m confident that my neighborhood administration, and others the nation over, will consider episodes like this important so that no other flame contenders endure avoidable wounds amid preparing. “My experience has demonstrated to me the genuine benefit of being a union part. Not just did the FBU store my case so I had entry to free, lawful ability yet I additionally had on-the-ground support from individuals like my nearby FBU delegate John Rankin.

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Sick or Injured After a Cruise, What Can I Do?

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A voyage excursion should be an unwinding, pleasant experience. In any case, they don’t generally end that way. An expanding number of travelers as of late have encountered ailment or wounds while on their excursion. Frequently, this has been the flaw of the journey line, itself. Provided that this happens, what would you be able to do?

Similarly as with most cases in which somebody is harmed as an aftereffect of the activities or inactions of an alternate, recuperating for a disease or damage boils down to two things: whether the voyage line was careless and whether that carelessness created the sickness or harm you maintained.

The case of negligence is the point at which somebody owes an obligation to act in a certain way (generally, the standard is just that they demonstration sensibly considering the present situation), yet have neglected to do as such, bringing about a harm to somebody’s individual or property. Getting debilitated or hurt on a voyage does not consequently imply that the journey line acted carelessly. Anyway, if the voyage line could have kept your disease or harm through the activity of sensible consideration, then the case of negligence may exist.


What are some normal injuries and diseases that travelers have gained on journey delivers as of late that may have been preventable? The most basic diseases are virus, nourishment harming, and Legionnaire’s Disease. These diseases can go from gentle to life-debilitating, and relying upon how you curing them, being diagnosed with one of these diseases may offer climb to a case for harms against the journey line. Normal wounds incorporate those identified with falls, unfavorably susceptible responses, liquor harming, and overexposure to the sun.

Then again, there are a scope of considerably more regular injuries and diseases that individuals contract on travels for which the journey line would likely not be subject. These can incorporate cold, influenza, and movement disorder. Since these illnesses are so normal, it would be difficult to demonstrate that they were contracted on the boat or that the journey line could have done anything to keep your disease. On account of movement disorder, most voyage lines incorporate a revelation about the likelihood of feeling this disorder, and oblige you to accept the danger of such manifestations at the time of buying your tickets.


So as to demonstrate negligence from a voyage line for your disease, you must present proof demonstrating that it could have kept you if fitting and sensible safety measures had been taken. Obviously, provided that you are the main individual to get debilitated on a journey, it will be to a great degree hard to demonstrate that you gotten the illness on the voyage ship. Clearly, it is conceivable to get sick anyplace, and without a mass flare-up, there is next to no connecting the ailment to the voyage ship.

However, injuries just need to happen to one individual. In the event that the voyage boat neglected to shield you from a stumbling risk, neglected to utilize legitimate security hardware, or neglected to take measures to guarantee that you were not presented to excessively unsafe conditions, then so long as your injuries were sensibly predictable and you didn’t, yourself, act absurdly, the journey line may be responsible.

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What Kinds of Damages May I Claim for Car Accident Injuries?

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There are a few sorts of harms you may guarantee in a personal harm claim if you have managed car accident wounds. Claims for medicinal costs are boss among these, however you might likewise claim harms for lost wages or reduced vocation opportunities, agony and enduring, or loss of fondness (additionally called “loss of consortium”). This article concentrates on the fundamental sorts of harms that somebody harmed in an auto crash may need to consider looking for.

Medical Expenses

If you are in a car accident, wounds may be as minor as a couple of cuts and wounds, or as genuine as loss of motion or some other lasting incapacity. Further, since a few wounds may not create side effects at first or may require extra restorative care not far off, it’s imperative to experience a careful therapeutic examination promptly taking after a fender bender if you trust you may have been harmed. Medicinal costs emerging from a fender bender may incorporate (yet aren’t restricted to) any of the accompanying:

Physical and/or cognitive treatment (if a cerebrum harm);

Rescue vehicle charges;

Conferences with social insurance experts;

Embellishments, for example, bolsters or warmth cushions;

Deformation (see Pain and Suffering, underneath);

Perpetual handicap;

In-home administrations (regardless of the fact that non-restorative)

If your specialist trusts you will require extra restorative medicines or treatment at the time your case is settled, your lawyer may figure the possible expenses. Specialists and human services experts can help with these assessments. If a driver is subject for the passing of an alternate driver, the surviving family could record a case for wrongful demise, notwithstanding any therapeutic expenses acquired between the accident and time of death.

car_accidents_infographic2Pain and Suffering

Agony and enduring is legitimately characterized as mental or physical pain for which one may look for harms in a claim. These harms are in view of the kind of harm, the reality of the agony endured, and the forecast for future torment connected with the damage. Torment and enduring may additionally incorporate mental and/or enthusiastic harm originating from the episode, for example, tension or anxiety. A few states permit offended parties to incorporate agony and languishing harms over a general loss of happiness regarding life. Not all states recompense harms for agony and enduring in the same way. While some permit a jury to expect that there must dependably be some torment and enduring connected with a real damage, others oblige a certain time of awareness amid the harm to make that claim.

Lost Wages

After an auto collision, wounds may make you lose gaining limit. This may additionally incorporate a failure to work because of active recuperation sessions, time spent in a healing center, issues with versatility, or different components that keep you from winning your common wages. You must have the capacity to demonstrate that the wounds have disabled or decreased your capacity to acquire cash later on, built to a great extent in light of past profit. A jury will consider variables such age, occupation, aptitude, experience, and future.

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What is ‘Pain and Suffering’ in a Personal Injury Case?

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The vast majority have heard the expression “agony and enduring,” however they may not so much realize that it is a key segment of numerous an personal damage case. At the same time what is agony and experiencing a legitimate viewpoint, and all the more vitally, how is it computed for purposes of a harm related protection case or claim?

What is “Pain and Suffering”?

There are two sorts of torment and enduring: physical agony and enduring and mental agony and enduring. Physical agony and enduring is the torment of the offended party’s genuine physical wounds. It incorporates not simply the torment and distress that the inquirer has continued to date, additionally the hindering impacts that he or she is likely endure later on as a consequence of the respondent’s carelessness. Mental agony and experiencing results the petitioner’s in effect physically harmed, however it is more a by-result of those real wounds. Mental torment and enduring incorporates things like mental anguish, passionate pain, loss of happiness regarding life, trepidation, outrage, embarrassment, tension, and stun. Mental agony and enduring is essentially any sort of negative feeling that a accident victimized person endures as an aftereffect of needing to bear the physical torment and injury of the accident.I can't take this anymore

Exceptionally noteworthy mental agony and enduring can incorporate indignation, misery, loss of longing, absence of vitality, sexual brokenness, emotional episodes, and/or rest aggravations. Significantly more serious mental torment and enduring can even constitute post-traumatic anxiety issue. Mental torment and enduring, in the same way as physical agony and enduring, incorporates not simply the impacts that the exploited person has persisted to date, additionally the mental agony and enduring that he/she will more than likely endure into what’s to come.

Examples of Pain and Suffering

To begin with, we should take a more serious case. How about we say’s that somebody got into a pile up that brought on various broken bones alongside an extreme blackout. That is a really genuine accident. As a consequence of these wounds, the inquirer got to be discouraged and irate, experienced issues dozing, and experienced huge loss of craving. As a consequence of these issues, the inquirer was alluded to an analyst and an advisor. These issues are straightforwardly identified with the accident, and the inquirer is qualified for pay for mental agony and enduring because of the accident. f-nJwXmmtSwTOXbCxyZgq5cS-oQMental torment and enduring can at times get so terrible that it keeps the victimized person from coming back to work even after the physical wounds have mended. For this situation, this present victimized person’s discouragement because of the accident may wait long after his/her broken bones and blackout recuperated. In such a case, the exploited person would at present have the capacity to claim any harms identified with the mental agony and enduring, for example, lost salary.

Next, we should take a gander at a less genuine illustration of mental agony and enduring. How about we say’s that somebody gets into a fender bender and endures back strain. As a consequence of the back strain, the petitioner is kept from practicing for a few weeks, and, amid this time, is kept from running in a marathon that they had been preparing months for. As an aftereffect of missing the marathon, the petitioner is furious, disappointed, troubled, and perhaps a bit discouraged.

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What Can you Do About your Noisy Neighbors?

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In this article we are going to discuss about legal aspects that are related to the personal injury.

For example, it’s late at night, and you must work in the morning, but all you can hear is the noise of your neighbor’s stereo nearby. You have asked them to turn it down before, but they don’t look to get it and the noise continues. Now, it’s time to take things to the next level. So, what could you do about your noisy neighbor?

1. Police

cloud-neighborsCalling the police is the first thing that you can do. Frequently, having an officer show up at the door about a noise complaint is sometimes enough to get most people to turn the music down. A lot of areas have noise rules, and repeat visits from the police can result in fines or in misbehavior charges. If the offending noises are alarming, such as gun shots, shouting, or fireworks, the sounds of objects that are being thrown or breaking (those that you think that domestic violence is occurring), you should absolutely call the police to investigate and to make sure that others are not being harmed.

2. Nuisance Suit

If the police are unwilling to do anything about the noise, and if you live in an area where there are no laws against noise (like industrial and rural areas), or if you feel the police aren’t doing enough, then you could take matters into your own hands. On a theory of nuisance is possible to file a lawsuit against your noisy neighbor.9_things_that_annoy_your_neighbors_yelling_loud_noises

In order to prove your case, you are going to show to the court that:

– There is disturbing and excessive noise coming from your property of your neighbor,
– That the neighbor is producing the noise or is the landlord (and the landlord is responsible for the noise her or his tenants are making),
– That your pleasure of the home is affected, and
– That you have asked the person to stop the noise but they refused to do so.

Lastly, you will have to show how this noise has harmed you. Generally, the damage will be quite small, and can keep your court case in small claims court. However, if you have bigger damages, like lost sales or tenants of the home because of the noise, you could be also able to sue for these damages. If you work from home, you could also be able to claim damages for lost business.

downloadProof is Easy to obtain

In a irritation situation based on noise, proof is now easier to obtain than ever before. Thanks to new phones that have cameras and a wide selection of applications, you could easily show the headaches which you have been dealing with. There are many apps which will allow you to display in decibels the noise around you.

Of course, hours of video and audio recordings would be smart to store, so it may also be wise to keep a journal of when the noise violations happen, how long it lasts, and whether contact was made with the offending party concerning the problem. You should remember, that is one thing to complain about noise, but and another is to prove that it is enough of a problem to deserve legal intervention, by a police officer by a court.

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